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Service Area 547



NYMPH:  18 y/o bisexual, voluptuous looks, loves lingerie and sexy dresses.  

SPECIALTIES: Public outings followed by nights of passion. Deep throater and swallower.


NYMPH:  18 y/o bisexual, runway looks, loves high class events and kinky sex.  

SPECIALTIES: Public outings followed by nights of passion. Engages in real incest.


FAUNLET:  A boylover’s dream kid. 18 y/o, gay, boyish, sexy dick sucking lips.

SPECIALTIES: Alpha’s boy. Loves senior citizens and disabled. Gang rape option.


FAUN:  19 y/o, high school type, athletic, into zoo exhibitions.  Meant to serve. 

SPECIALTIES: Zoo pet service, big into K9, animal sex toys, man and dog cum worship.


STUD:  18 y/o muscle, gay, athletic. Versatile jock stud.  Will take the lead or follow.

SPECIALTIES: Hard muscle worship, hot oral and ass play, singles, couples, groups.   


FAUNLET:  19 y/o, gay, boyish, lithe, blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. Teen dream. 

SPECIALTIES: Pedo play with older. Loves being aggressively fucked. Sissyboy play.


NYMPHET:  18 yo bisexual, tiny and thin, party girl. Comes ready to PnP service dicks.

SPECIALTIES: PnP, gang bang, loves being filmed, toy play, being as nasty as you want. 


FAUN:  22 y/o, gay, sk8r type, tattooed, party boy. Hot hole alley cat sexpot. 

SPECIALTIES: Public pick-ups, enjoys body funk an smegma, can do women too.


FAUNLET:  18 yo, gay, high schoolish, clean cut. The primo boy next door.  

SPECIALTIES: Teen/Man play, watersports, loves being spanked, multiple partners.


NYMPH:  18 y/o bisexual, exotic looks, loves lingerie and sexy dresses.  

SPECIALTIES: Public outings followed by nights of passion. Deep throater and swallower.


STUD:  18 y/o muscle, gay, athletic. Hard pounding vers top.  Likes to take the lead.

SPECIALTIES: Muscle worship, hot scented oils and rub downs, aggressive ass play.   


FAUNLET:  18 y/o, gay, boyish, slim, mannered, obedient. A bit shy until you heat him up.

SPECIALTIES: K9 and pony zoo performances and pet service. Puppy juice devotee. 

Chad and Pungky

STUDS:  Available alone or as a couple - double your fun. Both versatile and muscled.

SPECIALTIES: Muscle worship, hot scented oils, threesomes, and exhibitionism.


FAUN:  23 y/o, pansexual hedonist, Gothic dark lifestyle. Wide open, enjoys it all. 

SPECIALTIES: Zoo, animal toys, necrophilia scenes, giant dildos. Will try anything.


FAUNLET:  18 y/o, gay, baby-faced and boyish, looks 14 and acts it, but takes it hard.    

SPECIALTIES: Child performance roles, sissyboy play, spankings, sex toys, rape play.


STUD:  27 y/o verbal dom top, gay. You will worship his nearly ten-inch big black cock.

SPECIALTIES: Treating you like his bitch and making you beg. Aggressive ass fucking.  


FAUN STUD:  24 y/o, gay, athletic. Loves sensual lovemaking and passionate sex.

SPECIALTIES: Long slow lovemaking, edge play, cum worship, flogging, date nights. 


FAUNLET:  18 yo, gay, high schoolish, clean cut. Considers himself a sex puppy.

SPECIALTIES: Boy/Man play, watersports, loves being paddled, multiple partners.   


STUD:  25 y/o dom sadist muscle top, bisexual. Very demanding and aggressive.

SPECIALTIES: Huge fat black cock made for thrusting. Into total dominance.


FAUN:  22 y/o, gay, athletic. Loves passionate sex and prolonged nip and ass play. 

SPECIALTIES: Long sex sessions. Very oral and long lasting. Heavy shooter for cum facials. 


NYMPHET:  18 y/o bisexual girl, looks 14, entertaining and adorable.  A pedo's dream.

SPECIALTIES: Pedo and dildo play before sex. Fun times followed by heated sex coupling.  


FAUNLET:  Pedophile’s dream boy. 18 y/o, gay, boyish, baby faced smoothie kid.

SPECIALTIES: Daddy’s boy. Major pedo play. Loves being spanked. Rape and abduction.   


FAUNLET:  Sweet and funny dreamboat. 18 y/o, gay, boyish, and very outgoing.

SPECIALTIES: Love’s being an older man’s plaything. Will try anything once…or five times.